Jeffrey Campbell
Digital Artist/Creative Director


Branded Short-Form Videos for a variety of brands and clients.

I specialize in short-form video and love concepting, shooting, and editing social videos for my clients. I am proficient in Premiere Pro, Audition, Pro Tools LE, and Final Cut Pro. 

“Hogwarts Gallery Wall”

As Creative Lead on a recent global pitch for JK Rowling’s Wizarding World business, I created a variety of animated videos, GIFs, posters, and collateral. As a huge Harry Potter nerd, IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE.

In lieu of a standard team roster placemat, I created this Hogwarts gallery wall animation to play on a loop in the room. The team was obsessed.

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Social Video

In an effort to create some cool, dynamic videos for the brand while under a tight budget, I grabbed a key card and took photographs of my hand holding it in front of several Chicago landmarks. I threw them all together in Photoshop and created this video that was the highest performing piece of content for the brand in 2015. 

Our client Yardhouse was looking for a way to break through on social without breaking the bank. My speciality.

I grabbed a group of friends, strapped a Go Pro to my head, and shot a carefully choreographed time-lapse video illustrating how fun and cool a trip to your local Yardhouse restaurant can be.

Serta Mattresses

I created this short "man on the street" video for Serta Mattresses to help create buzz for a Mother's Day event in NYC where we converted a restaurant into a huge breakfast in bed party. 

Old El Paso

Part of our larger #Cheeseblasted campaign for Old El Paso, this stop motion video gave our audience some funny insight into how the new Bold Nacho Cheese taco shells were created. 

Old El Paso

I shot a quick hyperlapse of a shopping experience at Mariano's and turned it into a social video showing how easy it is to have a taco party at home. 


I created this hyperlapse the very first day the app was released by Instagram. I grabbed one of our interns, had her take a jog around the office and turned it into this cute social ad. Because we were so timely, the video got picked up in roundup articles about brands using the new app. 


GNC is pushing their propriety protein mixes to capitalize on the protein trend and gave us incremental budget to create a series of recipe videos using their products. Month by month, these videos were the highest performing posts on social. 

For our Kohler pitch (which we won), I created this anthem video for our team to illustrate our creative platform.